My wife and I are pursuing a long-time goal of building our own house.  We plan to do as much
of the work as possible by ourselves, including digging foundation trenches and putting up the
walls and roof.  We have several friends who want to keep track of our progress so we decided
to set up this web site for that purpose.  It's also possible that others who want to someday build
their own home may learn from whatever mistakes we make.

We purchased our four acre lot in 1997.  It lies on a rocky hillside adjacent to the Coronado
National Forest in the Huachuca Mountains, about two miles north of the Mexican border near
Sierra Vista, Arizona.  It is located at the tip of the white line in the picture above (which looks
west-southwest from about one mile away).  The elevation is 5200 feet above sea level and the
lot is populated with scrub oak trees and various other high desert plants.
Sierra Vista Home Construction
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The view is quite nice in all directions ... the Huachuca Mountains to the west and the San
Pedro River valley to the east.  Here's the view southeast into Mexico from what will one day
be the dining room: