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This is an old adobe hut within easy hiking distance of our lot that apparently was once used in
conjunction with cattle or horse ranching in the area.  At some point somebody covered it with
cement stucco.  It is now in disrepair and not used any more that I can tell.
You can see Thompson Peak in the background of this picture, as well as the beginnings of the
house we are building (just below the tip of the arrow).

You can also see the cement stucco over the short mud adobe wall in the foreground.  The wall was
broken long ago, but the adobe underneath has held up pretty well against the rain and wind.
This is a view from the inside of the hut showing the sun-dried mud bricks and the wood door
frames.  The primary walls were completely intact, and I think the building goes back to at least
the 1940's ... maybe earlier.