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One of our neighbors dropped by recently to show us this picture of a Ringtailed Cat that had
apparently been chased by her dog onto part of her house.  It appears to be a young one, and it
stayed up there all day before slipping away after dark.  They are known to live in the mountains
down here but aren't often seen during the day, so I scanned the picture and added it here.
Once again we all went out to watch the local Palominas Christmas Parade.  Anyone and
anything is pretty much allowed to march in it, as you can no doubt tell.  Old equipment is always
well represented.  The machine below is a 1949 Allis-Chalmers Model G tractor.
Two years ago the parade included the "Palominas Drum and Drill Team", but for some reason
it was missing last year.  To the great joy and relief of everyone it returned this year in all its
glory, although the temporary absence seemed to have diminished the discipline and precision of
the members a bit, if not their enthusiasm.

In case the picture doesn't show it well, those are hand drills they are carrying.