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Our four acre lot and all those around us are zoned residential, but most of the land adjoining the
neighborhood is still used for grazing cattle.  It turns out that, at least in this county, the burden
is on the homeowner to keep cattle out rather than the burden being on the rancher to keep their
cattle in.  Everyone who runs cattle nearby tries their best to control their cattle, but we and our
neighbors had to put up about 2000 feet of fence in this particular area at our own expense.  We
all pitched in the money for materials and several of us provided the labor to put it up.  I had
never played real cowboy before so it was an interesting experience for me.  Stringing the wire
turns out to be pretty easy ... the hard part is driving the stakes, especially into the mixture of
rocks and soil that passes for ground out here.

This fellow in the picture is the one who organized the fence party.
We rigged a way to spool out the barbed wire from the back of my truck.  Thankfully the rocks
weren't too bad in this area and I didn't lose any part of the undercarriage or blow a tire.

Here is another neighbor who guided the spool as I drove.