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Hike up Bob Thompson Peak, May 27, 2006
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I finally talked my son Eric into hiking up Bob Thompson Peak with me.  This is the mountain
that rises about 2300 feet above our lot to the west,  roughly 7350 feet at the top.  It isn't the
tallest peak in the Huachuca range, but the view is pretty impressive.  We took two of our dogs
with us ... the large (140 pounds) Anatolian Shepherd Dog is Arka, while the smaller mixed breed
is a stray we call Zorra (Spanish for a female fox) who just showed up about 18 months ago and
decided to stay.

The next few pages show several pictures from the hike, including this one taken part way up the
ridge line.   Mexico is in the background.
A bit further up the climb we found this lookout spot that was probably created and used by
smugglers (people or drugs).  The rocks were definitely stacked by hand to form a hiding spot
and there was a lot of trash around, including several large window screen frames ... for what
purpose I cannot imagine.