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Hike up Bob Thompson Peak, May 27, 2006
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This view looks westward from Bob Thompson Peak to Montezuma Peak about a mile away, and
a ridge runs northward from there to Miller Peak.  Just a few hours after we took this picture a
fire started on the other side of Montezuma Peak and the high winds pushed it along that ridge.  
National Forest Service Trail 103 runs along that same ridge and is heavily used by illegals and
smugglers.  There have been at least five man-made fires in this same spot in recent years, all
caused by camp fires they didn't bother to put out.  The fire didn't reach Miller Peak, but it
dipped down into Ash Canyon and threatened several homes there.  It took almost 500
firefighters and half a dozen helicopters three days to get it under control.
This view looks soutwest from Bob Thompson Peak toward the San Jose Mountains in
Mexico.  You can see how steep the hillside drops off.  My GPS said that we climbed 2300 feet
in about 1.1 mile, but most of the actual slopes were about 40 degrees with lots of loose rocks.  
It was easier going up than it was coming down.