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Ater one of the driest winters in history, we've had possibly the wettest summer season ever
recorded down here.  My unofficial tally so far, as measured on our lot, is well over twelve
inches of rain in just a few weeks.  That may not sound like a lot to most people, but down here
it is a lot and it causes a lot of damage.  The Coronado National Monument, about two miles
southwest of us, got eight inches of rain in a day and a half and the road damage alone is being
measured in the millions of dollars.

Anyway, here is an updated picture of our place on the hillside showing all the greenery.   Our
house is the white one  -- at least until we get it stucco'd -- in the center.
This picture shows the southern third of the Huachuca Mountain range, which really is quite
pretty.  We live on the lower slopes of Bob Thompson Peak at the left, but Miller Peak at the
right is actually 2,000 feet taller (about 9,500 feet elevation).  There are excellent National
Forest hiking and mountain bike trails throughout the range.