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We're living in fairly primitive quarters while we build our own home.  My wife's parents built a
workshop/RV storage building on their own lot that is located about 1000 feet down the hill from
ours.  Since they won't be starting on their house for several more months we've been living in
their RV and the workshop, which we've converted to semi-habitable living space.  We have
satellite TV, satellite internet, a washer/drier, and a full bathroom.  It isn't insulated and gets
chilly, but it works fine for us ... for the time being.
Our well is located up the hillside above our lot and produces plenty of water, which is a bit
unusual for this area.  Since there is 120 feet difference in vertical elevation between the well
and our house, we are able to store the water in this holding tank (now buried) and get lots of
water pressure just by gravity feed.  Here's the interesting part ... the well diggers first hit water
at a depth of 55 feet, meaning the water table is about 70 feet
higher than where our house will
be just 400 feet away.  It makes for interesting speculation to consider what might happen if an
earth tremor should put a crack in whatever layer of rock is holding all that water back.