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There are lots of interesting critters around here.  This summer (2002) during the monsoon rains
we twice had a tarantula creep into the building we are living in.  They show up at night, so it can
be a bit startling to come across one in the dark.  They are quite harmless, though, so I took this
one outside the next morning and got some photos of it before it crept off into the weeds.  It hard
to tell the size from the picture, but it was about six inches across the tips of it's legs ... a small
As I mentioned, we've been collecting the rocks we pulled out of the trenches as we dug them.  
We carried them or rolled them into the bucket of the skid steer tractor, then dumped them into
piles around the periphery of the build site.  This pile represents about 5% of those we've
collected so far.  The larger rocks (top and foreground) are about three feet across.  In case
you're wondering ... yes, it was a lot of work.