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While we build our own house, we are staying at my inlaws' storage building that they built
prior to beginning their own home next year.  One side holds an RV where we eat and sleep.  
The other side was originally intended to be a workshop, but we have converted it to
temporary "living" quarters and have installed a couch, satellite TV, washer/dryer, and a
water bed.  The building isn't insulated, though, and it isn't heated with anything other than the
small space heater that is visible under the table, so it gets damn chilly in there during these
winter evenings as we watch TV.  Here my wife is bundled up in just about everything she
could find, including a skull cap.  My son is wearing a black ski mask with eye slits and has a
down comforter wrapped around himself.

Some day we'll laugh about all of this, just as you are no doubt doing now as you view this.
We received some snow just before Christmas.  The storm dumped another couple of inches
just after this picture was taken, but most of it was gone a few days later.