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The Habitat for Humanity organization in Sierra Vista sponsored a tour of some local homes last
month, one of which was this terrific adobe-style home that's on the National Register of Historic
Places.  It part of the Kinjockity Ranch, which was built by a very wealthy fellow back in the
1930's and is located about a mile north of us.  I'd love to capture this same warm, rounded
appearance with our house, but I don't think we'll be able to with the construction technique
we're using.  Still, I plan to steal a few ideas from what I saw as I was going through it.
Here's a picture from inside the house.  I believe this room was added more recently, and it has
the same feel we hope to build into our home, with maybe a few less decorative items.
Addendum:  The Kinjockity Ranch has now been sold to a
developer, and the new property is being called Kings Ranch
Estates.  From what I've been told, the developer is planning to
convert this old adobe home to an upscale restaurant.