Construction Plans,  page 2
We built a model of our house using vinyl faced foam poster board available at most craft
shops.  It cuts easily with a razor blade, and we used transparent tape to assemble the pieces.  
The scale is the same as the construction plans for the house ... 1/4 inch to the foot.  It was
easy to trace the drawing onto the poster board for the layout and cut to shape.  This view
looks toward the main entry.

As you can see from the picture, we once lived in a house.  Hopefully we will again some day ....
Cochise County has adopted some rather stringent new requirements for septic systems, based
upon a soil analysis instead of the old perculation tests.  Even though there will only be three
full-time residents of our home, we have enough bathrooms and fixtures to require a pretty
extensive drain field for the septic tank per the new criteria.  You're looking at three runs of
vented plastic shroud three feet across (a half cylinder configuration) ... each run being 95 feet
long, for a total of 285 feet.  I'm going to have to drink a lot more beer to ever make use of it all.