Progress,  page 110
We had tried to paint the outside of the house last fall (2007) but the weather turned too cold
before we got very far.  Once it warned up last spring it got too windy for weeks on end, and then
the summer rainy season arrived.  So as soon as the monsoons left we started painting, and after
about four weeks we got it all finished.  We had almost 11,000 square feet of surface to paint and
the stucco is very coarse, so it took 100 gallons of Behr Premium Plus external primer (one very
heavy coat) and 120 gallons of Behr Premium Plus external flat color paint (two coats) to do the
job.  I bought a Graco Magnum 7 airless sprayer from Home Depot to do the job, and it was well
worth it ... we'd have spent months trying to paint that coarse stucco with a roller.

The freestanding ham radio tower in the left foreground is a little project I added last winter ...
check out if you have any interest in seeing how that went.
Here's the painted house as seen from the southeast.
Here's the view from the west.  The paint color is kind of a chocolate brown and we chose it to
try to blend in with the background color of the earth in this area, although the amount of direct
sunlight significantly affects how light or dark it looks.  The dog in the foreground is Arka, our
Anatolian Shepherd Dog.