Progress, page 15
We spent much of January digging, moving, and packing dirt in the Dining Room area (far right
hand corner of the house in this view).  You can just barely see the top of the dirt below the
notch we've made for the double doors that will open out on to the deck.  We had to remove all
the big rocks in order to be able to pack it, so it takes a lot of time.  We raised the ground level
about four feet in that area.

You can also see that we started laying foam panels for the Master Bedroom walls
(foreground).  It's kind of exciting to see the house begin to take shape.
This view shows where the deck will eventually attach to the east wall of the house (we're
looking at the Dining Room and its double doorway here).  The green boards are the ledger
plates with J-bolts imbedded in the concrete core of the foam panels.  One edge of the deck will
eventually rest on top of the ledgers, while the other end will rest on pillars yet to be built.

Speaking of concrete, we just passed a sort of milestone by having mixed our 100th bag of
portland cement, all of which has gone into the walls.  I estimate we have 700 to 800 more to do.