Progress,  page 16
We haven't had too many sunny days lately, but I took the opportunity on this one to grab a
picture of the walls of the master bedroom as they now stand.  We have now reached what will be
the interior floor level for this part of the house ... the slab will be at the middle of the top row of
foam block that you see here.  That means we have lots of backfilling to do, which I expect will
take us at least a couple of weeks.

You can also see that we've had to put in some door frames (called door bucks).  They are made
from pressure treated wood since they butt up against the concrete in the walls.  We fasten them
temporarily in place with braces, but lag screws into the hollow cavities of the foam panels will
hold them in place permanently once the concrete gets poured (next on the agenda).  There are
three in this picture ... the one on the far right in the background leads outside, the middle one is
the entry into the master bedroom area, and the one on the left exits outside from the chore
room (washer, dryer, etc).
Here the stairwell wall has been put in place and grouted.  We've piled a lot of dirt into the
master bedroom area to backfill against this wall, but more will probably be needed.  Backfilling
and compacting is turning out to be very time consuming drudgery, but it needs to be done well to
prevent settling and cracking of the slab later.  The slab will poured on top of this stairwell wall,
at about the midpoint of the upper row of foam blocks on the main wall behind it.

The two large holes in the walls are for the 18 inch diameter air return ducts for the HVAC
system, which we plan to install under the slab.