Progress,  page 17
Finally!  We've finished backfilling and compacting almost all of the dirt needed for the master
bedroom area.  The only section not yet filled is the portion where the HVAC return duct still
needs to be installed.  For the master bedroom alone, I estimate we moved and compacted about
70 (seventy) cubic yards of dirt, all by hand including removing the rocks.  What a job.  It was the
only way we could assure good compaction,  but I think we got what we were looking for ... after
spreading, wetting and compacting about 3 to 4 inch layers at a time, the dirt dried harder than
adobe bricks.  If the slab settles after all this, so be it.

The rest of the house should be much easier since we will be able to get the Caterpillar in and
out for moving dirt, raking rocks, and compacting.