Progress,  page 18
You can see in this picture (just beyond the Caterpillar skid steer tractor) that we have added a
portion of the wall between the kitchen and great room.  Harder to see is that we've mostly
backfilled the area behind it (kitchen and dining room) up to slab level.  All that dirt had to come
from somewhere, so we've begun terraforming the hillside where the entry courtyard will be.  
You can see the beginnings of the planned terraces which will one day be defined by rocks walls.  
Three are visible in this picture, although they aren't yet down to finished grade ... we still need
lots more dirt.
We've begun installing the sewage drains in the kitchen and dining room area.  There are
actually two separate and parallel  lines throughout the house, one for the back water from the
toilets and kitchen sink, and the other for gray water from showers and lavatories.  We plan to
use the gray water for watering trees and shrubs during the lengthy dry season, but it will be a
passive system that simply drains downhill to submerged drip lines.  The local code requires that
we be able to divert all of the gray water into the septic system if needed, so we've laid out the
lines to exit the house side by side to accomodate diversion valves.

The lines you see here are the feed from the kitchen sink (left), the cleanout line for the black
water run (center), and the feed from the master bedroom (bottom right).  The line continues into
the foreground to handle the rest of the house.

I would have preferred not to put the bends that can be seen here in the cleanout run, but the
layout of the house and the angled section of the far wall simply didn't allow it.  The bends aren't
as sharp as they look here (each one is 22.5 degrees), though, and the entire rest of the run
serviced by that cleanout is straight.