Progress, page 2
The rebar for the footings is tied together using iron wire.  Here the author is using a very handy
tool that is made for the job.  It contains a rod with spiral grooves and a hook at the end.  Special
six inch long wire ties with loops in each end fit over the hook, so that a pulling motion on the tool
twists the wire tightly around the rebar.  We've used almost 4,000 of these six inch ties so far,
and will probably use at least 20,000 more before we're finished with the house.
Here is a view of the site after all of the horizontal and vertical rebar have been installed in the
first 355 feet of footing trench.  Three lines of #4 rebar (1/2 inch) have been placed horizontally
and held three to four inches off the bottom of the trench with wire hung from 2x4's laid across
the trenches.  Lengths of #5 rebar (5/8 inch) have been positioned vertically every 12 inches,
supported by both the horizontal rebar in the trench as well as by lengths of #5 rebar fastened to
the 2x4's.  The whole structure is surprisingly rigid.  We call this our "rebar forest".