Progress,  page 20
We finally reached the point where we could build the concrete stairway to the master bedroom.  
We chose a 7 inch rise with a 13 inch run, which gives 8 steps to reach floor level of the bedroom.  
The plywood forms for the steps were fastened to 2x6 strips that had been screwed to the metal
furring strips in the foam panels.  It turned out to be surprisingly sturdy, and we even were able to
slide additional 2x6's into the slots on the wall in order to support us as we placed the concrete
from the bottom up.   This picture was taken prior to installing the rebar, which as usual is
Here the concrete has been placed into the forms.  Level for each step was defined by the top of
one section of plywood to the bottom of the one above it.
Here are the steps after the forms have been removed.  Since this was a small batch (1.5 cubic
yards of concrete), we mixed it ourselves and added a little over a pound of 0.5 inch nylon fibers
per cubic yard.  The fibers really hold the stuff together and we've gotten no shrinkage cracks so
far.  Thin nylon fibers might not sound strong enough to do much good, but there are almost 200
million of them in these stairs.  That's not an exaggeration ... there really are that many, so they
permeate the entire mix.
We really only built seven steps so far.  The eighth step will be the slab itself when it goes in
(hopefully not too long from now).  The slab will overlap the top of the steps ... you can just
barely see the outline on the wall where it will go.