Progress,  page 21
We had decided to use underground air return ducts for the HVAC system but didn't find what
we wanted locally.  Ted Williams of Diamond Mechanical in Phoenix had recommended
PVC-coated spiral steel 18 inch ductwork so we custom ordered it from
PAR, Inc., also in
Phoenix.  That meant I had to transport the stuff myself and I tried doing so with my little 4' by 8'
trailer.  Here's the ungainly result.  I used C-clamps and 2x4's to convert the trailer into a
makeshift stakebed, then wrapped a bunch of rope around it all to hold it together.  I'm sure
everyone at PAR was laughing as I left their parking lot, and they probably expected to read the
next day about the accident I would cause on the highway.  Surprisingly, everything held and I
was able to drive over 200 miles at 70 mph speeds without killing myself or anyone else.  The
only shaky spot was near Casa Grande where the cross winds bounced the trailer around.  I half
expected the tubes in the trailer to act like a box kite, but the ride was stable.
Installing the duct tubes went well.  The tubes cut pretty easily with a reciprocating saw and the
pieces fit like a glove.  PAR does very nice work.  We gooped the seams with duct caulk, pop
riveted them with stainless steel rivets, and applied an exterior wrap of an adhesive-backed foil
tape made by Carlisle Hardcast.  This duct runs along the dining area and then turns under the
kitchen.  As soon as we finish backfilling, we'll be able to lay rebar and wire mesh for the concrete
slab!  Can't wait.