Progress,  page 23
There were times when we wondered whether this day would ever come, but ...


As expected, the remaining backfilling went pretty quickly once we got out into the open and
could use the Caterpillar to crush everything down.  We didn't have to sort out as many rocks
and it was easier to level everything.  But we're done now, and all that remains is to hack ugly
trenches into our nice flat dirt so we can install the remaining sewer lines and underground air
returns.  After that it's lay down a modest layer of ABC, compact it, lay out the rebar, and have
someone place the concrete for the slab.  Then it's party time!
Here's where all the dirt came from for the backfill.  You can see the terraces we have cut back
into the hillside, both to provide dirt as well as to make room for the rest of the house.  The
remaining footings go to within about ten feet of the first terrace, so you can see that we needed
to remove all that dirt anyway.  We just hid it under the house instead of paying someone to haul
it away.  Eventually we'll build rock walls to keep the terraces in place ... in case you wondered
where all the rocks we sorted from the backfill will go.