Progress,  page 24
We plan to place two large rocks at the corners of the stairs going into the Great Room (yes,
inside the house), so we built up reinforcing under the concrete slab to carry the load.  You can
see the foundation pads for the two rocks in this picture, as well as the footing between them for
the low wall that separates the two levels.  The rock to the left will be about 6 feet wide, over 2
feet high, and about 4 feet deep.  The rock to the right will be about 4.5 feet for all dimensions ...
I estimate it weighs over 6 tons.  Both rocks are currently sitting on the edge of our property.  
Luckily we found someone in town with a crane large enough to move them.
Here the concrete is in place for the foundation pads for the rocks.  The large rock that will sit
on the pad to the right has a flat inclined face and we wanted to tilt the rock to keep as much of it
as possible above the finished slab, so we poured an additional pedestal on top of the base
foundation (complete with lots of rebar of course).

The rock that will go on the pad to the left has a very irregular bottom, so we added a couple of
concrete mounds for a point support.  After that rock is in place we'll pack a bunch of grout
under the rock to more fully support it.

The green lines represent where the 16 inch high wall separating the two levels will be.  The slab
will run right up against that wall (on top of the footings you see here) and up against the rocks.

We have to wait a couple of weeks for the slab to cure enough to support the rocks, but at that
time I'll add another page to show the crane putting the rocks in place.