Progress,  page 25
In similar fashion to the foundation pads for the large rocks, we need a solid pad for the
fireplace.  The fireplace will be located in the triangular area just to the lower left of center,
although the rebar hasn't been installed yet in this picture.  You can, however, see the four inch
diameter tubes that will bring outside air to the fireplace.  I think the building code wants us to
run the vents directly into the firebox of the fireplace but we don't intend to do it that way.  
Everything we've read indicates that just cools the fire and makes it burn less cleanly.  We plan
instead to bring the vents out to the face of the fireplace on either side and let the air curl in.  
Hopefully it won't cool the fire as much and in any case we shouldn't have to worry about heat
melting the duct or ashes clogging the opening.
Here we've placed the concrete for the masonry fireplace foundation and have also levelled and
compacted the ABC for the family room.