Progress,  page 26
While we were waiting a few days for the crane to arrive to move the big rocks, we went ahead
and started laying the rebar for the future slab.  Here's the master bedroom with #4 rebar
arrayed on 2 foot centers, resting on 2 inch high dobies (concrete standoffs).  We still plan to lay
down 6" by 6" wire concrete mesh on top of the rebar.
The day for the crane finally arrived.  It was quite a sight to see this behemoth lumber up the steep
road to our lot.  Both front axels turn ... sort of.  Even with power steering, the owner/operator was
able to turn the wheels only when the beast was moving, which certainly didn't lend itself to easy
maneuvering on our steep lot.  He had to set up twice to get the rock from its original location to
where we wanted it to rest.
Here the crew is wrapping a large steel cable around the rock in preparation for lifting it.  The
hillside sloped away from this point pretty steeply, and it got pretty scary to imagine what the rock
might destroy in its path if the cable snapped or slipped.  The list included the Caterpillar skid
steer and my wife's Explorer, not to mention a neighbor's house.