Progress,  page 27
The boom of the crane was extended almost its full length, causing it to experience some major
strain.  I heard a few interesting pops from the boom as it finally lifted the rock.
The big rock on its way.  The crane operator told me his instruments said it weighed 11,300 pounds.
An intermediate stop ...  also switching to straps.
The big rock now on its pedestal.  It was quite a chore to place it because it wanted to swing
around as we lowered it ... and 6 tons are persuasive.  It ended up about 6 inches to the left of
where we wanted it, but by this time I was just grateful it ended up in the correct room.
The second rock was considerably smaller and much easier to move.  There will eventually be
steps between the two rocks, as well as to the right of the big rock, that lead down into the sunken
family room.

The slabs will butt up against the rocks, covering the pedestal and the rough undersides of the

The rocks look pretty imposing now that they're in place.  For better or worse, they will indeed
draw attention when anyone enters the room.
The back end of the crane bottomed out on the steep slope and got stuck as it tried to leave.  We
spent about an hour freeing it and working the truck back and forth to get a shallower angle up
the hill, and even then there was barely enough traction for it to get out.  My guess is we'll have
to pay double rates if we ever need the crane again.