Progress,  page 28
Jan 04
It seems like every time we get the site nicely leveled we have to rip it up again for something.  
Here we've trenched for the remaining drain/waste lines and underground HVAC ducts.
These are the gray water and black water lines just before they exit the confines of the house.  By
this point the required slope of the lines puts them quite deep in the ground, and we ended up having
to trench about 3 feet down to accomodate them.  Most of the trenching was done in material we had
previously backfilled.  That meant fewer rocks and cleaner sidewalls but the compacted soil was so
hard (literally adobe) that it was extremely difficult to dig by hand in those spots we couldn't access
with the Caterpillar.  Lots of bashing with the heavy sharp pointed pick again.
The last of the
underground HVAC
ductwork is now in place.
 Here we're covering
them with pea gravel to
cushion them against
sharp rocks in the
remaining fill, although
the tubes are strong
enough we probably
didn't need to.

Once we have restored
the surface to a smooth
and level grade we can
lay out and trench the
remaining footings for
the house.