Progress,  page 29
Well, we got the drain/waste lines and HVAC ducts installed and buried.  It may be difficult to
tell, but the discerning eye will notice that these are different dirt piles than those on
page 28.  
This dirt was hacked out of the ground to form the footings for the remaining perimeter of the
house.  In this picture the rebar has been installed and we're ready for the concrete.  It's kind of
odd ... it seems like just yesterday that we did this for the first set of footings, but it's been about
16 months since then.

At least now you can kind of tell what the outline of the house will look like.
What a job this was.  We mixed and placed concrete for 102 linear feet of footings in two days.  
The first day my wife and I mixed and placed 26 bags of cement by ourselves, and the second
day my father-in-law helped us do another 21 bags.  That's 8 cubic yards of concrete, roughly 12
tons worth.  Yes, I know that sounds masochistic, but we didn't think we could get a concrete
truck down the steep slope anymore and we didn't want to hire a pumper for just one truckload.

We're putting up the foam panels now and should have that done in a few days, weather