Progress,  page 31
This is a picture of the north side of the house after everything is leveled and ready for rebar.
This is the entry and hallway area, the floors of which will be 16 inches higher than the great
room and north side of the house.  We'll add the steps after the slabs are in place.
We have lots of rebar to lay for the slab and it all needs to be supported a few inches off the
compacted ABC.  To do that, we use concrete standoffs called "dobies" (I have no idea where
the name came from).  Since we needed about 1500 of them and we didn't like the ones we could
buy we decided to build our own.  We made little forms out of 3" ABS tubes and my wife stuffed
them with leftover grout and rebar ties.  Each group above has 100 dobies, arrayed by my wife
like army battalions.
Here's a batch of 100 dobies.  They're about 3 inch across and 2 inches tall and if you look
closely you can see the rebar ties sticking out the top .......  as if anyone was really bored enough
want to see little dobies with rebar ties sticking out the top.