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Ready for the slab!
Mar 04
We're finally ready to have the slab installed.  The concrete trucks are scheduled for this coming
Wednesday, which will be exactly a year and a half (to the day!) since we started digging the first
footing trench for the house.  It has been a long time and an awfully lot of work but it's pretty
neat to finally get to this point.  I have to admit that all the dirt work (digging, sorting rocks,
backfilling and compacting) took a few months longer than I expected, but at least the result is
what we wanted.

This is a picture of the house-to-be with all the rebar and forms in place for the slab.  With as
much work as we put into it, it will almost be a shame to cover it all up, but it will be so
very nice
to have a firm, flat, mud-free surface to work on from now on.
This is a closer view of the north side of the house.  The slab will be eight inches thick, bringing it
roughly up to the bottom of the green lids we put over the HVAC air returns.  The red lines were
spray painted over the buried HVAC and drain lines so that the concrete workers wouldn't
accidentally drive stakes through something when they set their screed boards.

I was worried that we wouldn't be able to attach the wooden forms to the low wall that separates
the two slab elevations (middle of the right hand side of the picture) since there was only about six
inches of foam panel to work with but so far they seem to be pretty solid.