Progress,  page 33
The day before we were scheduled to do the slab we had a local exterminator called BugWiser (is
that a cool name or what) come out to do the termite pretreatment.  I didn't realize how extensive
such a treatment is ... they are required by law to follow strict application guidelines and our house
required 690 gallons(!).  You can see from the picture that they really drench the soil.  We
requested a chemical called Termidor, which apparently is top of the line in terms of potency and
effective life.  Pricey stuff, but we didn't want to have to worry about the little nibblers.
OK, it's finally the day we get the slab and here the concrete crew is getting set up.  My wife and
I had put marks on the walls (using our self-leveling laser) all around the inside perimeter the
previous evening to set the level of the slab, so the workers basically only had to set up a few
screed boards in the center.
The pumper truck arrived a few minutes later and set up so that the concrete trucks could simply
back up to it and dump their load into the hopper.  I was really worried that we wouldn't be able
to get the pumper close enough because of the steepness of our lot, but the pumper operator
came out the day before and told me where I should pile up some additional dirt to support his
outriggers.  It all worked fine.