Progress,  page 34
The pumper truck was just barely able to reach the furthest reaches of the house with the boom
(32 meters long) fully extended.  The boom carried about a six inch pipe for the concrete, and
about a four inch flexible hose hanging off the end.  It's mind boggling to think of the incredible
leverage of all that when concrete is running through it.  I was sure I hadn't packed the outrigger
pad enough.
Concrete finally starts flowing!  The pumper didn't take very long to empty a mixer truck, each of
which carried ten cubic yards.  It was pretty amazing to see.  The crew was very experienced and
worked extremely well together.  They rarely needed to speak to each other about what needed to
be done.
As soon as the concrete was in place, a guy with a large-mesh screen would tamp the large
aggregate down so it could be floated and troweled properly, and somebody else would start
using the long-handled floats (right hand of the picture) right after that.  The concrete went from
slurp to glass in minutes.