Progress,  page 39
After spending a few weeks installing all the window and door bucks, plus some extra bracing, we
are finally ready to put grout in the lower section of the walls.  This is a big deal for us, not only
as a progress milestone, but also because it anchors the walls against the horrendous wind gusts
we get down here.  The crew is getting set up in this picture.  The grout pump is on the back end
of the truck and feeds the concrete slurry through a 2 inch diameter hose to the panels.
Here the crew is feeding the grout into the walls.  They did a very good job of keeping the
hose up high to protect the tops of the foam panels, which wasn't easy since they worked
mostly from just ladders instead of a scaffold.  This happened to be one of the few days this
time of year without much wind and it was hot, so the guys earned their money.
The two pictures below look the same, but they aren't quite .  What they share in common is
proximity and my stupidity.  We have beveled corners in a couple of places and I simply didn't
brace them well enough.  The foam panels lend themselves easily to beveling, but we lose the
locking feature and most of the panel strength when we do that.  We used lots of glue and screws
to join those beveled edges and that worked fine when we were hand placing the grout in the
walls, but pouring it from a hose generates enough extra pressure to create blowouts like these.  
I could have strapped the corners or hand placed the concrete and avoided the mess, but I didn't.
 So I told the crew to move on and that we'd patch these areas and hand pour them later.        
Sigh ...