Progress,  page 42
This is the final grouting of the walls ... sort of.  I underestimated the amount of grout required and
the crew came up short by a little over a cubic yard.  That meant we had to mix the rest of it
ourselves a couple of days later.   Since the crew had run short just before they got to the tallest
part, I had to climb a 12 foot ladder with an 8 quart bucket to put the grout in the walls.  I
calculated that I made about 150 trips up the ladder with each bucket load weighing about 40
pounds.  It took a full nine hours of really hard work for us to finish the job.
Heres what a concrete and foam wall looks like when it's finished.  The wind can blow as hard as it
wants to now and we don't have to worry what we'll find the next morning.  The anchor bolts will be
used to hold down a 2x6 cap plate to the top of the walls, which in turn will hold down the roof
trusses.  We get to work with wood for a while now!