Progress,  page 43
Well, the interior framing didn't really take very long.  My wife and I did most of it in about two
weeks.  We used a
palm nailer and a small compressor to drive the nails, which made the job a
whole heck of a lot faster and easier.  Here's a view from the hillside above our lot showing all of
the interior walls completed.
This is a sample view of some of the framing, taken from inside the exercise room.  We used
2x6's for some of the walls in the house, but most walls are 2x8's to give a more massive look.  
Any interior wall that connects to an exterior wall is anchored with J-bolts imbedded in the
concrete of the exterior wall.  All interior walls have borate treated wood sill plates and double
cap plates.  The studs are on 16 inch centers and all outside corners are fully boxed for rigidity.  
Hurricane ties on the cap plates are used for reinforcement where walls join one another.
Next we will put on the roof trusses, which should be an interesting exercise.  We'll probably
have to lift them into place by hand since even a very large crane can't get close enough (not
enough room for the outriggers).  The weight specs on the trusses don't look too bad, though, so
hopefully we can manage.  They're supposed to be delivered tomorrow which means we'll find
out pretty soon.

We've ordered windows, by the way.  They have a fiberglass frame and are made by Milgard.  
They seem to be an excellent design, but the downside is that this particular model has a 12 (as
in "twelve") week leadtime.  I guess they will be our Christmas present, but it also means we
spend another winter in the garage (
shiver shake).