Progress,  page 45
We were able to load the various truss bundles individually on the smaller truck without any
problem using my skid steer tractor with the fork attachment, but the long girder trusses posed a
special problem.  The small truck bed was only 14 feet long and the girder truss laminations are
28 feet long ...  and pretty floppy.  One of the delivery guys suggested strapping the remaining
truss bundle to the girder truss laminations as a kind of stiffener spine, which you can see in this
Amazingly it worked.  You can see how far the load stuck out past the bed, so we strapped it
down pretty well for the trip up the hill.
Here's the final result.  The trusses are safely planted on the driveway pad on our lot, stacked
on pallets to keep them out of the mud in case it rains.  Many thanks to Southwest Truss for
sending two trucks, and I'd especially like to thank the delivery guys for working with us to get
the trusses on site.