Progress,  page 46
Nov 2004
We've been putting up trusses the last couple of weeks and have most of them in place.  We
couldn't get a crane close enough to the house because of the slope of the lot, which meant we
had to put them all up by hand.  They are a bit awkward but not that heavy.

There are several roof portions with shorter spans that will be framed with regular dimensional
lumber so there is still lots of work to do.
We had one spot in the dining area that required an eleven foot girder beam to support a few
other trusses.  We built our own beam using multiple plies of 2x6 lumber nailed and bolted
together.  This is it lying on the floor before we lifted it into place.
Here you can see the girder beam in place and a half dozen regular trusses hung from it.  It
seems pretty sturdy so far.