Progress,  page 49
The day finally arrived for delivery of the windows!   There were 23 of them to install, half of
them over thirty square feet in area, so we paid to have them put in rather than risk breaking
any.  That turned out to be a good decision because a work crew of four strong guys had a pretty
tough time of it with several of the windows.  Here you can see one of the easier ones going in.  
Notice the extra wide heavy duty flashing.  It was pretty neat stuff and wide enough to handle
our deep sills.  Very sticky also.
Here is one of the larger windows going in.  The plank these guys are standing on is about 10
feet off the ground and the plank is supported by brackets called "ladder jacks".  They looked
like widow makers to me.

All 23 of the windows fit fine in the rough-out openings.  I think that is amazing considering that
the frames had to be built and braced before they were placed in the walls, concrete was poured
all around them, and they had almost nine months to weather and warp before the windows went
in.  I am deeply relieved everything worked.
Jan 2005