Progress,  page 5
We finally arrived at the day when the concrete would get placed in the footing trenches.  A
storm that slid through here two days earlier had left without a trace, and we fortunately had a
cool, sunny day for the job.  The first truck showed up at 9:00 and everything was finished by
2:00.  A crew of eight people handled the entire job.  We used almost 40 cubic yards of concrete,
which means the footings averaged about 2.9 cubic feet of concrete for every linear foot.  We
wanted a substantial foundation and it looks like we got it.

The crew attacked the hardest area first, which was the master bedroom.  It was just too
inaccessible for the trucks to get close enough to use their chutes.  A couple of the truck drivers
weren't too thrilled to drive down the slope of the lot at all, much less have the truck tilting
sideways.  Here is a picture of the wheelbarrow brigade in action.
It was easier to orient the trucks for most of the rest of the perimeter of the house, so the crew
was able to use the chutes to get the concrete into the trench.  It was amazing to see so much
concrete go into a hole in the ground so fast.  I think one of the trucks only took about 10 or 15
minutes to dump it's load.  I just stood there grinning as I realized I wouldn't have to worry about
the sides of the trenches caving in anymore.