Progress,  page 50
These are the dining room windows.  The one in the middle is the largest in the house ... six feet
high and eight feet wide.
Here are the windows of the master bedroom.  We tried to have at least one vent window in
every room, and where possible (if more than one window in a room) we tried to vent windows in
more than one wall for better air flow.  The climate is simply too nice here most of the year not to
take advantage of fresh air breezes.
This is a view from the hillside above our lot.  A couple of the newly installed windows are
visible.  You can also see some progress, albeit slow, on the roof parapets.  Almost all of them
are in place now, the only remaining section being the north half of the master bedroom (just
beyond the blue cylinder to the middle right of the picture).  After we finish that we get to start
laying down the plywood roof deck.  I think we're probably still a few months away from having a
sealed roof.