Progress,  page 51
We've started laying the plywood deck on the roof.   The 3/4 inch thick CDX sheets weigh about
70 pounds each and we've been lifting them up a ladder by hand, but we've covered 40% of the
roof in just a few days.  We've been using 2 inch exterior screws on 18 to 12 inch centers to
fasten the plywood down, plus 8D hot dipped galvanized nails on 6 inch centers between the
screws.  There is 2x4 blocking between trusses and rafters where the plywood sheets join each
other ... I don't like clips.

All the parapets still need to be covered as well, of course.  We plan to use 5/8 inch plywood for
that.  Hopefully having a decent roof deck to stand on will make the work easier.
Here you can better see the plywood deck over the master bathroom and closet area.  The section
in the foreground (master bathroom) has a 1-in-12 pitch toward the lower left of the picture.  In the
middle background of the picture, the decking over the master closet slopes toward the bathroom
roof, also with a 1-in-12 pitch.  It seemed a simple way to drain the water from an L-shaped roof
toward one scupper at the lower left.

The rectangular hole is where a curb-mounted skylight will be installed.