Progress,  page 52
We've had to haul a lot of plywood up to the roof.  The stuff is 3/4 inch thick and weighs 65 to 70
pounds per sheet, especially after the recent rains have added some moisture content.  The skid
steer can't lift the sheets high enough, and there isn't much room between the trusses or rafters
to do anything except slide the sheets up a ladder.

Here's how we do it.
I carry a sheet over to the ladder (a strong one) and slide it up between the trusses.  We've
hoisted six thousand pounds of plywood like this so far and have about the same amount yet to
do, counting the parapets. That will be a total of 6 tons of plywood carried up a ladder.

p.s.  The shiny spot on the back of my head is merely an
artifact of the sunlight between the trusses.
This is the most difficult part.  I push the sheet up just above shoulder level and rest it on the
stubs of two 2x4's lying on the bottom chord of the trusses, hoping I haven't bumped them out of
position on the way up the ladder.
Then I hustle up between the trusses to reposition the sheet of plywood before the next gust of
wind makes a lethal projectile out of it.

We try to saw most of the sheets to fit before raising them, but as we near the completion of
each roof section we have to bring the remaining sheets up and saw them on the roof.