Progress,  page 54
We finished decking the roof with the 3/4 inch plywood a couple of weeks ago, and now we're
putting 5/8 inch plywood sheathing on the insides of the parapet walls.  The parapets of the
middle rooms of the house have been finished so far in this picture.   It is really slow going,
though.  There is just simply a lot of 2x4 furring to do and plywood to cut to shape.  At least we
have a decent surface to work on.  We bring the lumber and plywood up topside and cut it on the

I have a new estimate for the total weight of plywood for the roof deck and parapet sheathing, by
the way.  Based on our usage rate, it looks like we will have hand carried 18,000 pounds of it up
the ladder by the time we're done.
We divided the roof up into a large number (excessive by some standards) of sections, each with
its own surrounding parapets.  That tends to give the house the pueblo style we were looking for,
but it created a lot of extra work for us and a lot of additional surface area to cover with plywood
and eventually stucco, not to mention a lot of additional scuppers to build and install.  All in all,
though, I'm glad we did it that way.  Here are a few closeup views.