Progress,  page 57
Until recently, we've had some pretty bad luck trying to find a roofing contractor who would
follow through on anything.  Since last November, I think we've been in serious discussions with
at least five different contractors (sequentially) who all said they were really anxious to do the
job.  Some were in Phoenix, some in Tucson, and one from Las Vegas.  We were up front with all
of them, letting them know when we expected to be ready for them to install the roof, and we
kept them up to date on our progress via email and phone conversations.  At some point or other
all of them just sort dropped out of contact.  If anything, we went out of our way to be
non-demanding and flexible since we knew that most subcontractors of any sort (roofing or
otherwise) are leery of working with individual owner/builders.  A few called back later to
apologize for forgetting about us, but our only way to judge any of these guys is by virtue of
whether they do what they say they're going to do.   Pretty poor batting average ...

These guys were the exception.  Here is a picture of Robert and Kevin from Young Enterprises
in Tucson, an affiliate of Progressive Roofing - one of the more reputable commercial roofers in
Arizona.  I contacted Kevin a couple of weeks ago to explain what we wanted, he offered a
couple of suggestions, and then came down within a few days to survey the job and commit to a
supportive schedule.  Quite refreshing.

Anyway, we're excited to be able to waterproof all this plywood we've been putting up for the last
few months.
Below you can see the various roof segments with most of the external sheathing on the parapets.  
The roof has been an incredible amount of work, but we like the staggered profile we ended up with.