Progress,  page 59
True to their word, the roofing crew showed up early on a Saturday morning and had a three hour
start by the time I got up to the lot (I'm a late sleeper).  The roofing material is a super tough
membrane made by Duro-Last that comes from the factory in sheets made to order for each roof
section.  The basic material is made from a five-foot wide roll, but the factory gets the
measurements ahead of time and pre-welds the seams for better control over the field sheets.  
The lap seams for the parapet flashing are welded on site.

The black bundles here are the sheets for various roof sections that were rolled up and
packaged by the factory for shipping.  The white bundles are stacks of foam padding with plastic
sheeting bonded to each side that is used as an underlayment ... it provides a nice cushion for the
main membrane.
Robert, part owner and crew chief, brought his two daughters with him for the day.  I'm sure it
was pretty boring for them, but they were great kids and it was nice to have them here.  
Christina is the one in back, and Valerie is in front of her.
May 2005