Progress,  page 6
This is the finished footing along the east wall of the house, which is where the retaining wall will
have to hold back six to seven feet of backfill dirt.  The footings in this area are about 26 inches
wide and 16 inches deep, with pilasters helping to brace the midpoints of the major walls.  
There's enough rebar that our dogs sometimes think they're in a pen as they wander about the
Here's a close-up view of the completed footing.  The foam blocks that will form the walls are
eleven inches wide and will straddle the vertical rebar.  The extra width of the footings will
provide a solid ledge for us to later build up rock facing in various places.  That's what I explain
to everyone who asks about the unusually wide footings ... and it's true ... but loose dirt and big
rocks did make the trenches somewhat wider than we'd planned.  I feel more comfortable with
the extra solid mass anyway, so I'm not complaining.