Progress,  page 62
More of the roofing crew.  Everyone seemed to know what they were doing, which is always
reassuring.  Note the sunglasses.  The Duro-Last membrane is available in white, light gray, or
tan.  We went with the white because of better reflectivity, and this stuff is
bright.  The crew
used lots of sunscreen and they all wore shades to keep from going blind.  The few times I went
up to take pictures were almost painful.
Since the tops of parapets are a notorious source of water leaks, I asked for them to be covered
with the same Duro-Last membrane.  That usually meant that they just wrapped all the way up
and over the parapet walls.  If the scuppers ever get clogged, some of the roof sections are going
to become second story swimming pools ... at least until the weight gets to be enough to cave in
the ceiling and crush us like bugs.
May 2005