Progress,  page 63
The roof membrane has now been completely installed.  The roof decking, the inside parapet
walls, and the tops of the parapets are all now fully waterproofed and we'll be dropping the
skylights into place soon.  We still have to add the house wrap to weatherseal the outside
parapet walls, and you can see the beginning of that at the far right.
There are several things to notice in this picture.  First, you can see the Tyvek
CommercialWrap that we're using to weatherproof the outside parapet walls.  The stuff is
really fun to put up in the wind as we can report from personal experience.  Luckily it is also
very strong.

Secondly, we've temporarily sealed up all except three of the external doorways with plywood,
painted battleship gray of course.  For the other three doorways we built temporary plywood
doors ... with hinges and latches even.  Pretty primitive, but we can actually lock the place up
now.   Sort of -- there are still four bathroom windows that need glass block, but at least they're
on order.

Finally, take note of the freshly dug trench in the foreground.  We sort of thought the major dirt
work was behind us, but we needed a trench to bring the electrical power to the house.  It
sounded like a minor deal at first but 90 feet long and 3 feet deep took us about four days to
dig, even with help from the Caterpillar.