Progress,  page 67
We're getting electrical power to the house!  Our house is far enough from the road that the
local electrical utility had to bring the 7200 volt line to a transformer closer to the house.  Here
the crew chief has popped the lid on it to make the 240 volt run to the house.
The trench from the transformer to the house was about 95 feet long and it had to be at least three
feet deep.  I used the backhoe attachment on our skid steer tractor for some of it, but I ended up
digging most of it by hand because of the steepness of the lot.  It took about a week of work.
After covering up the electrical line with a foot of dirt we were able to lay the water line in the same
trench.  You can see the sand we used to keep sharp rocks from poking holes in the heavy PVC.