Progress,  page 68
We now have the house fully connected to the septic system.  We have a few more plumbing
items to finish before we can actually use it, but at least it is finished.  Here is a picture of me
after digging another trench (this one being 25 feet long and 4 feet deep) and connecting the
runs.  We plumbed two drain lines throughout the house, one for gray water fixtures and another
for the toilets and kitchen sink.  For the first few months, though, we will be feeding the gray
water line into the septic tank to get it brewing properly.  You can see the large hose clamps on
the flexible fitings that will allow us to reconfigure the system later.  County code down here
requires that we be able to divert gray water into the septic tank anyway, so this is the scheme
we came up with to do that.

The bandana serves two purposes, by the way.  It keeps the bald spot on my head from getting
sunburned, and it also keeps those nasty biting gnats from getting in what's left of my hair.
This is the connection on the other end to the septic tank.  The tank itself is buried even
deeper - most of what you see here are the cylindrical risers used as an inspection port to
periodically view what's down there.    As if anyone didn't know ...