Progress,  page 7
Here's a section of the concrete footings after the rebar braces and forms for the steps have
been removed.  It took almost as many hours to remove everything as it did to install it in the
first place, and it was harder to cut the rebar ties than to twist them on.

The footings turned out pretty well.  They're mostly flat and level, and the rebar stayed where it
was supposed to.  There are the usual slag heaps that remain after any concrete crew is done,
but all in all we're happy with what we got.
Once we had the footings safely in place, we ordered the foam panels from I.C.E. Block.  They
arrived a couple of days later about 3:00 in the afternoon ... an entire 53 foot truck load of them.  
They were bundled together in manageable groups of six panels, but there wasn't room either on
our lot or where we are staying to turn the truck around, so we had to offload the truck (by hand)
at a wide spot about a half mile away, then load them in our pickup and trailer (by hand) to ferry
them to a convenient spot.  By the time we finished stacking them and tying them down, it was
10:00 at night and damn chilly.

Anyway, this is what 534 straight foam panels look like.  The stack is 7 feet tall, 16 feet wide,
and 24 feet long.  The corner panels are bundled separately and are mostly behind the big stack.

The three cube-looking bundles to the far right are actually pallets of Portland cement, each with
35 sacks that we had delivered (local purchase) the next day.  As you can see, we didn't get their
best and brightest driver ... we literally had to chase him away before he totally tipped the last
pallet on the ground.  Each sack weighs 94 lbs and I had to reload them by hand onto another